With Riot House Live, you get an intimate live education experience in one of our virtual classroom settings, hosted by our most elite educators live on Zoom.  If you are an indie artist, a salon suite artist, or any other artist that wants access to the same quality education that large salons typically get from brands, without leaving your home, then browse the class offerings below and register to join one of our free online classrooms with up to 30 other artists from across the world.


10am PST / 1PM EST
10am PST / 1PM EST
10am PST / 1PM EST
10am PST / 1PM EST
10am PST / 1PM EST


Intro to Blonding & Toning
Education on Pulp Riot’s entire lightening system, along with the high speed, progressive toners. Learn how to achieve the best blonde looks using our complete lightening system and progressive, high speed toners, while utilizing balayage and foiling methods. During this class, you’ll gain confidence in all three lighteners, knowing how to make the most out of the key features of each, to simplify use, to maximize the health of the hair, and to brighten with ease.
Intro to Creative Color
Education on Pulp Riot’s Semi Permanent line. Unlock your creativity with the semi permanent colors that took over the industry. In this two-hour class, you’ll learn to formulate custom shades to the canvas, use creative colors as toning/correcting tools, and learn both wearable and creative coloring techniques for use behind the chair.
Intro to FACTION8
Education on Pulp Riot’s Permanent color line, FACTION8. Created by artists for modern day coloring, learn how FACTION8 will both work perfectly with today’s techniques while producing extraordinary color results. A class where you will learn everything you need to know to feel comfortable with this revolutionary color line. During this 2-hour Look and Learn you’ll get formulation inspiration, tips on various uses, as well as see a demonstration of an on-trend color melting technique.
Intro to Liquid Demis
Education on Pulp Riot’s new Liquid Demi-Permanent color line. Discover Pulp Riot’s newest creation, Pulp Riot Liquid Demi Permanent color. As with FACTION8, Pulp Riot demis were created by stylists and salon owners with modern coloring techniques in mind. In this 2-hr interactive class, you’ll learn how to be successful using liquid demis with all different application methods and uses, plus see a demonstration of an on-trend color technique.
Total Color
All the vitals for using Pulp Riot’s FACTION8 Permanent, new Liquid Demi Permanent, and Semi-Permanent lines. Everything you need to know about FACTION8, Liquid Demis, and Semi-Permanent colors. Featuring a demo, formulation of each product line, and when and why to use them behind the chair. Perfect for becoming a full range Pulp Riot artist or salon.
Intro to Styling & Care
Full product knowledge overview on our Styling & Care line. Learn details about each styling product and how to use them effectively. Experience the products hands on with a mannequin and engage in a group teach back for a complete interactive experience while better understanding their use behind the chair. The look & learn class features more of a technique-based demo, while also learning details about each styling product.
Modern Blonding
Learn modern lightening techniques using #blondeAF, Clay Lightener, and Cream Bleach. From the hottest placements that are taking over requests in the chair, to evolving the more traditional techniques into what artists can and want to use today, this class will raise the bar with all lightening services. In addition, stylists will learn to achieve the perfect tone and healthiest results, using the new Liquid Demis.
Advanced Creative Color
Take your knowledge to the next level with a deeper look into Pulp Riot’s semi-permanent colors. Learn more about using the color wheel to your advantage, color correction, pastels & toning, coloring extensions, and an advanced demonstration of today’s top techniques using Pulp Riot creative colors.
Specialty Colors & Advanced FormulatioN
Broaden your formulation game with high-speed toners as well as FACTION8 Interstellar, boosters, and high lifts. Gain insight into formulating silvers & greys, color correction, and more of today’s top looks and techniques.
All the Reds
Everyone’s always after that ultimate red. With this class, learn how to create the perfect red for every type of client that sits in your chair.  Combining the powers of FACTION8, Liquid Demis, and Semi-Permanent colors, expand your knowledge on using reds, coppers, and red-violets to create brightness, depth & dimension across the board.